Central Pharmacy

From A to Z, the central pharmacy of the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum has more than 2,500 pharmaceuticals (140 produced on site) available at its 1,700 square meters site in Bochum-Riemke, to ensure a quick and aimed treatment of the patients. The moment the orders from the medical wards arrive, they are reviewed and entered into the ordering system to then be commissioned with the help of the visual object detection system “axon machine vison”. Via a transportation line the prescribed drugs are automatically identified by their bar code and image by a color camera, sorted into the different boxes for the different wards and finally loaded. With this, over 100 medical wards from the surrounding Knappschaft hospitals are supplied every day (Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen, Marl, Dortmund, Lünen, Kamen). The university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum alone needs three to four truckloads of pharmaceuticals per week. The central pharmacy employs 30 staff members that are also responsible for the production of house recipes – in total 23,000 per year. This includes eye drops, bladder installations, mouth rinsing solutions for oncological patients, creams, as well as pain therapy bags and pumps. Around 16,000 cytostatic drugs are produced annually inside the 600 square meter laboratories.
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