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The clinic for neurosurgery is one of a few clinics in Germany that covers all neurosurgical specialties. This is possible due to a broad collaboration with other specialties inside and outside the hospital, partially also due to basic scientific research at the Ruhr University of Bochum.

The operative therapy of cranial or spinal tumors is one of the major focuses. All technical options are available in order to ensure as complete of a removal of the tumor as possible while at the same time increasing the patient’s safety. This includes techniques, such as neuronavigation, the fluorescence based resection of tumorous tissue and the intraoperative usage of ultrasound during the resection. Important brain and nervous functions are also directly stimulated or continuously supervised via intraoperative neuromonitoring. This also includes so-called “awake operations” with appropriate localization of the tumor.

Epilepsy surgery functions as an expansion in this focal point. First of all, respective electrodes are implanted to identify and localize the epileptogenic area. In a second step, with the help of the technical options mentioned above, the brain tissue triggering the seizures is removed. For epilepsy in children complex operative therapies are offered, such as hemispherotomy. The functional stereotaxie in disease based movement disabilities such as Parkinson’s, as well as the frame supported biopsy of unclear brain processes round off the spectrum.

The second strong and independent emphasis is the care of degenerative, tumorous, inflammatory and traumatic spinal diseases. In addition to minimal-invasive micro-neurosurgical operations in degeneration based diseases such as disc prolapse, spinal stenosis or cysts in the facet joints, large operations using screw connections are also performed. Due to the usage of spinal navigation, even in extensive treatments small and tissue preserving entries can be used. Reconstituting the normal placement of the spine (sagittal stability) can be gained for all areas of the spine by access from the front, the side or from behind, and if necessary in combination. The interdisciplinary treatment of aneurysms or vascular malformations (angioma) is the main focus for the collaboration with the hospital’s neuroradiology, in which, in addition to operative care, most modern interventional procedures are applied.

The clinic offers expertise in the diagnosis and operative treatment of simple compression syndromes of peripheral nerves, for example carpal tunnel syndrom and cubital tunnel syndrom, as well as complex injuries of the entire peripheral nervous system due to pressure or accidents that require nerve reconstruction.

Please use these additional information given about specialists and their respective consultation-hours here.

In addition to patient care, the clinic takes part in the lectures of the reformed studies of medicine at the Ruhr University Bochum, striving to inspire young doctors for the subject of neurosurgery. Furthermore, each focal point of the clinic runs interdisciplinary research projects that are shown in more detail on the clinic's homepage . You are more than welcome to have a look.

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schmieder
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schmieder
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