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Clinic for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery

The clinic for oral, maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer is led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Kunkel and is a university institute with the maximum number of health care options. Our clinic is treating the entire spectrum of diseases of the oral cavity, as well as the face and maxilla region.

Outpatient and Hospitalized Care
In addition to the currently offered 43 beds for hospitalized operative patient care, the clinic has its own independent outpatient clinic which allows it to perform smaller operative interventions flexibly. Also, short-term care after an outpatient operation on a day-clinic basis is possible at any time on the interdisciplinary therapy ward in the hospital. The main advantage of this interlinked care concept is the possibility to transform a short-term outpatient care into hospitalized care at any time if necessary and vice versa. Our general consultation office is pleased to offer around the clock consulting and examinations for outpatient treatment that is carried out as a result of a transfer from a medical or dental colleague. Additionally, we offer special consultation hours for certain clinical pictures, such as special consulting and treatment for facial malformations (cleft lip and palate), malocclusions due to growth (dysgnathia) and cancerous diseases, as well as for the treatment of tooth loss or impaired stability of dental prosthesis due to degeneration or diseases of the jawbone. 

Here we included some advice for your examination and treatment appointment at our outpatient clinic.

Therapeutic Focal Points

Primary and Secondary Care of Injuries

The primary treatment of injuries to the face, neck or jaw region, especially bone fractures or soft tissue damage is one of our very commonly performed tasks. Due to the usage of modern osteosynthesis methods (bone stabilizing techniques), as well as plastic-reconstructive interventions, even severe injuries can often be treated without significant consequences. The reliable, close collaboration with directly neighboring professions, such as neurosurgery and ophthalmology, as well as radiology allows treatment to take place on a high interdisciplinary level of competence for facial injuries and surgical therapy of tumors and malformations.

Treatment of Growth Disorders and Malocclusions

The operative treatment of growth disorders and malocclusions (so-called dysgnathia surgery) is performed in close cooperation with orthodontist specialists in the region. During these operations we correct the growth and form disorders of the jaw based on time tested and proven operation methods, while taking into account modern planning and simulation techniques to ensure optimal requirements for the health of the masticatory (chewing) system. Additionally, the harmony of proportions of the face are improved or reconstituted.

Treatment of Congenital Facial Malformations

The treatment of congenital facial malformations is a special focal point of this clinic. In collaboration with the pediatric centers in the region, the small patients are accompanied and cared for continuously and individually from the first day on. Beyond the operative intervention our clinic also guarantees an interdisciplinary follow-up treatment into adulthood in which we continuously integrate other departments, such as linguistic assessment and speech therapy of our hospital, as well as other disciplines, such as orthodontics.

Treatment of Cancerous Diseases

Our clinic treats benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity, the jaw region as well as the area of the neck, face or head skin on a large scale. In these sensitive and visible areas, we strive to gain an optimal reconstruction of speech, chewing and swallowing function and especially the maintenance or reconstitution of the fluidity of facial expression and aesthetics of the individual face.

In order to do this, we take current therapy guidelines and moral standpoints into account and use the most modern operative methods, which if necessary, also includes the transplantation of endogenous tissue. For the interdisciplinary coordination and optimization of the cancer therapy, weekly tumor conferences are taking place with the participation of all specialty professions of modern cancer treatment (inner medicine, oncology, radiation therapy, surgery, and diagnostic radiology/nuclear medicine. Our clinic, in consultation with our established colleagues, also carries out regular oncological follow-ups.

Treatment of Tooth Implants

Treatment of the consequences of tooth loss is another focal point of our service spectrum. If there is a progressive degeneration of the jawbone it is often necessary to perform dental treatment on the basis of artificial tooth roots (implants). In some cases, the jawbone has to be constructed or extended beforehand. For this purpose, nowadays there are multiple treatment methods at our disposal with which a basis for the following dental care can be made, often in relatively gentle outpatient procedures.

Science and Research

In addition to our lectureship as a part of the education of medical students, the scientific focal points of our clinic are the basic scientific and forecast research of oral cavity cancer. Additionally, we are intensively working on aspects of bone diseases, mechanisms of bone healing and bone regeneration.

Other areas of work in clinical research are the different methods of skeletal anchoring in orthodontics as well as researching the quality of life after certain surgical procedures. From the point of view of quality assurance, we are taking part in the creation and further development of guidelines for the specialized field of oral maxillofacial surgery on a trans-regional level.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Kunkel
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Kunkel
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