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Sudden paroxysmal events, disturbance of consciousness, heightened muscle tension up to constant spasms and involuntarily executed functions like chewing or munching: the symptoms of epilepsy are diverse. Germany-wide there are about 800,000 people affected through all age groups who have lost a large part of their life quality. They are limited in their choice of profession and depending on the severity of the disease, are not allowed to drive a car. At the same time, most seizure disorders are easily treated – provided they are precisely diagnosed and effectively treated, like at the epilepsy center of the Ruhr University Bochum at the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum.

Outpatient Care
The outpatient clinic for epileptology offers consultation and support regarding the pharmaceutical treatment of epilepsy. With the special offer of an interdisciplinary epileptological neuroradiological outpatient clinic (I.E.N.A.) the department of epileptology holds an outstanding position in comparison to other German epilepsy centers. Here in close cooperation epileptologists and neuroradiologists create cross-sectional images of the brain with a magnetic resonance scanner of the latest generation. Due to a routinely computerized post-processing of the MRI-images, the chances of identifying the reasons for epilepsy are maximized. These examinations are outsourced to the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bottrop.

Inpatient Treatment
The epilepsy center has the necessary technical and personnel equipment to guarantee the entire spectrum of diagnostics for seizure disorders. These include: routine EEG, video EEG monitoring, neuro-psychological tests, nuclear medical methods, multimodal imaging. Due to integration into the neurological clinic, the Ruhr-Epileptology has access to all methods available in order to diagnose non-epileptic paroxysmal events. Additionally, the non-invasive and invasive pre-surgical epilepsy diagnostic is part of the offered range of treatments. The therapeutic services include drug therapy, complex therapy of epilepsies that are difficult to treat and epilepsy surgery.
Prof. Dr. Jörg Wellmer
Prof. Dr. Jörg Wellmer
Tel.: 0234 / 299-3705
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