Praise and Criticism

Your opinion is important to us!
To improve the quality of our performance we are continuously depending on your help. Please inform us if there is something you dislike in our hospital or if you see potential for improvements. Positive feedback is also very welcome.

Every patient receives a patient questionnaire on admission to the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum. The questionnaire is anonymous and not coded, therefore we can make no assumptions about your person. All received data will be handled confidentially.

Your opinion, suggestions, praise or complaints can always be sent to us via this feedback form . We are also pleased to be contacted by you personally. If you desire a personal conversation please note this on the form and let us know when and how we can contact you.

If you would like to give us suggestions, tips or complaints in person, you can directly contact our people in charge of complaint management or our patients advocate. The patients advocate can be reached every Wednesday from 3 to 4pm by phone 0234 299-84399.

Sylvia Hillebrand
Sylvia Brunke
Secretary of General Management
Manfred Sprenger
Manfred Sprenger
Wednesdays 3 to 4pm
Tel: 0234 299-84399
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