Advanced Training Palliative Care

This advanced training for professionals transfers the concept of palliative care, a whole patient care concept for patients who are at a progressive state of an incurable disease. Care as a symptom oriented, creative and individual nursing process is at the center of attention.

The training is trainee oriented and supported by technical lecturers to improve and further develop the trainees experience and knowledge. The course happens alongside work and is limited to 20 participants. Lessons take place at the nursing school of the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum.

Requirements for participation

State-approved professional nurses who have at least two years of practical experience. (Work at a palliative care facility desirable).


The advanced training is offered in education blocks. There are four blocks for a total of 160 hours of lessons plus 80 hours of practical training (at the trainee’s individual work site).


For staff members of the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum who meet the requirements, the training is free. Information about costs for external participants on demand.


For the graduation of the program there will a colloquium. It is based on a case study prepared by the trainee that will be reflected on and evaluated during this professional technical conversation. The participants will receive a certificate.

The professional development follows the palliative care curriculum by Kern, Müller, Aurnhammer, Bonn 2009 and meets the requirements according to §39a, SGBV.
Application documents
  • Nursing certificate
  • Certificate of professional title
  • Proof of at least one year of practical experience

Please send your written application to:

Pflegedirektion (Care Management)
Universitätsklinikum Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum GmbH
In der Schornau 23-25
44892 Bochum
Carmen Burdel-Köhn
Certified Pedagogue
Tel.: 0234 / 299-4103
Care Management
Tel: 0234 / 299-3902
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