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Health Care Management

Apprenticeship for health care management assistant

Organization of business and service processes, the development of service offers and taking on tasks in quality management or marketing: the state-approved training job for health care management assistant is diverse and does the increasing specialization of administration in the medical field justice. The university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum offers five apprenticeships in total in this field.

Management assistants in health care are trained in a dual system, which means that the apprentice learns inside the company that offers the apprenticeship as well as at a vocational school. The school training is structured on the following learning fields in addition to subjects of general knowledge:

  • Business processes (registration, management, evaluation)
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing tools
  • Offering / documentation / booking of services
  • Investment financing
The training inside the company takes place in the company’s service processes, marketing and sales, medical documentation, data protection, human resources, materials management, finances and accounting and quality management.
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