Nursing School

The nursing training lasts three years and consists of a theoretical and a practical part (according to the nursing law created July 16th, 2003 and the training and examination regulations for jobs in nursing created Nov. 10th, 2003).

In nursing school students learn how they can actively take part in the patient’s healing process, recognize diseases and learn how to prevent them. During this time the apprentices gain all necessary technical, personal, social and methodical expertise to help those dependent on care to regain, improve, maintain and support their health regarding their individual life situation.

The theoretical part of the training contains at least 2,100 lessons, distributed throughout an 8-week long introductory phase and regular four to six week long school blocks throughout the entire training. The practical part of the training takes at least 2,500 hours. These are carried out inside different hospital departments and are monitored/supervised by a trained supervisor. This training consists of a special phase in which special competences are taught in health care and nursing. During the first and second year of training the entire knowledge of nursing and pediatric nursing is taught.

The state-approved examination consists of a written, a practical and an oral exam.

Those who want to specialize and study further have a lot of options:

  • Professional development as head of the ward
  • Specialization as anesthesiology and intensive care nurse
  • Specialization as surgery nurse
  • Specialization as psychiatric nurse
  • Professional development for training supervisor
  • Professional development as head of the nursing department
  • Studies of nursing management
  • Studies of nursing education
  • Studies of nursing sciences

Requirements for entering nursing school are a complete and successful school education of at least ten years. Further options for graduates of so-called “Hauptschule” are having successfully completed a job training of at least two years in length, a complete one year long training as a nurse assistant, or a complete one year training as an geriatric nurse assistant. The 2,100 hours of theory and 2,500 hours of practical training consist not only of the transfer of theoretical knowledge but also include demonstrations and exercises in plenty of processes and procedure of practical nursing.
The state-approved nursing school of the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum has 100 trainee spots to offer and teaches its students comprehensively, appropriately and professionally following its own curriculum. The school has modern equipment, spacious rooms and offers a wide range of media and devices. There is a demonstration room with four beds available for practical lessons.

The training concept focuses on individual student supervision. Therefore, the team at the nursing school is open to individual study sessions or questions regarding the training and its processes at any time and supports the students with regards to their learning habits.
Beginning of training
  • October 1st of every year and
  • August 1st every three years (2013, 2016, …)
  • Application procedures all year long

Please send your application documents to:

Universitätsklinikum Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum GmbH
z.Hd. Thomas Drossel
In der Schornau 23-25
44892 Bochum
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