Nowhere is hygiene more important than in a hospital, because only in this way can infections of patients and staff be prevented. At the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum the hygienic officer carries out regular control rounds. During these rounds, the hygienic officer controls the usage of technique equipment (bandage supply carts, positioning aids, nursing utensils, laundry, pharmaceuticals etc.), status of the patients’ rooms (cleanliness of the room, shower and bathroom status etc.) and of the functional rooms, the hygienic status of the kitchen area and supervises the disinfection, sterilization, supply and waste disposal. In addition, he or she walks with the nurses while overviewing the proper execution of hand hygiene, adequate clothing / forgoing of jewelry and the correct processing of medical products and nursing articles etc. Another part of the task is the maintenance and review of technical facilities and devices as well as regular education of staff members in hygiene. Due to hands being the main vector for infections, the Knappschaftskrankenhaus is engaged in the nationwide “Aktion saubere Hände” (campaign for clean hands), that is striving to establish hygienic hand disinfection as a focal point for more quality and safety in patient care in German hospitals.
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