Central Supply Department for Sterilized Goods (ZSVA)

At the central supply department for sterilized goods (ZSVA), also called central sterilization, the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum’s staff takes care of the cleaning, disinfection, care, sorting, sterilization and provision of medical products such as surgical instruments. This means that the core responsibility is to supply the operating rooms with the reprocessed working equipment. To prevent the transmission of germs onto the clean instruments, the ZSVA is divided into a septic and an aseptic area, which are hygienically separated from each other. The technical staff sorts the medical products depending on their requirements for reprocessing into the categories “non-critical”, “semi-critical”, “critical” and performs the sterilization respectively. A high density documentation is important to keep control over the goods at all times. By securing quality first, we are protecting the patient’s safety and at the same time, against complaints.
Andreas Simoneit
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