Counseling Help and healing: with these hopes patients come to the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum. And in this situation counselors from the Catholic and Protestant church offer a helping hand. If requested by the patient the counselors can accompany them through coping with their disease, support relatives during the hospital stay and are glad to spend time to share their worries or happiness about recovery. Also a prayer or attending the church service can help finding peace, breathe deeply and gather new strength. Additionally the counselors offer an anointing of the sick, communion for the sick or Lord’s Supper in patient rooms.
  • Room of Silence
  • Green ladies

When patients need silence or encouraging words, when they want to be alone or have a church service with others – the room of silence is the right place for that. The chapel of the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum is located at the entrance hall right next to patient admissions and is open during the day. The room of silence invites people of any religious faith to rest and contemplate. As a sign of hope or gratitude or as a silent prayer you can light a candle on the “wall of life-lights”. Visitors can write down their worries and concerns into the book of intercessory prayer which will then be included into the next services prayer by a counselor.

Patients, relatives and visitors are invited to join the regular church services regardless of their religious beliefs – of course patients can come in their hospital clothing.

  • Thursdays, 5pm Catholic service
  • 2. and 4. Sunday, 9.30am Protestant service

The church services will also be broadcasted on the hospital TVs on channel 9.

Since 1990 they gift their time to the patients at the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum, hold hands and listen to small and big worries and personal hardships. Every now and then they also help relatives by running errands or reading to patients: these are the 22 women and men who work half a day per week as volunteers for the ecumenical service agency. Once named after their typical green coats, they now wear white functional wear with green attachments. This way they are still easy to spot on a ward.

During the past twenty years the number of volunteer workers has doubled and their range of tasks has widened. So now patients can come to a so-called “creative meeting” once a week (Wednesdays from 2 to 4pm) where they can craft, make jewelry or paint pictures under supervision. For a lot of people this is a beautiful event where they can be active and for a certain amount of time think about something other than their disease.

Jürgen Jeremia Lechelt (prot.)
Lydia M. Zoremba (cath.)

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