A lot of people experience a cancer diagnosis as a drastic cut into their entire lives. All of the sudden everything changes: daily routine, physical performance, strength, and mental condition.

In this situation psycho-oncological support can be helpful for both patients and their relatives. The university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum offers this support through a team of psycho-oncologists. They offer support to the affected persons so that they can handle the problems and burdens arising from a cancerous disease as well as possible and cope better with the new situation.

Consultation hours: Monday through Friday and by appointment, also via telephone and email.

The team of psycho-oncologists visits patients on their ward and also offer an open meeting group for patients and relatives on Thursdays from 1.30pm to 2.30pm on the 14th floor.

Tina Bauer
0234 / 299-80320
Ursula Büker-Biernatzki
0160 / 94641353
0234 / 299-4231
Dr. rer. medic. Klaus Röttger
0177 / 4600230
0234 / 299-4231