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Social Services

Clinical social services accompany and support patients and their relatives to solve problems that arose from a disease or disability and that altered their lives significantly both psychologically and socially. In single and family consultations the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum’s social service helps with processing and coping with the changed life situation and motivates patients to mobilize their resources, make decisions and solve problems. They inform about further options for treatment after hospitalization and hand out respective addresses. Furthermore, the social services team files applications for follow-up rehabilitation and for classifications into a care level in case of admission into a nursing home.
Marion Hallmann
Dip. Social Work and Nurse
Christina Kitner
Dip. Social Work and Nurse
Birgit Werner
Social Insurance Specialist
Katja Wengemann
M.A. Social Work and Nurse

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Fax: 0234 / 299-4209