The ABCs of the Clinic

Checkliste Klinik ABC
From A to Z

By car:
You get to the KKH-BO via highway A44 (with connections to A43 and A45), exit BO-Langendreer / Witten-Zentrum. Then follow the signs “Knappschafts-Krankenhaus”. Coming from Witten or Castrop-Rauxel via B235, from Bochum via Universitätsstraße or Wittener-Straße (B226) you go to Bochum-Langendreer and then also follow the signs mentioned above.

By public transportation:
The buses 378 (Castrop-Rauxel - Witten) and 345 (Bochum-Dahlhausen - Bochum-Langendreer) have a bus stop right in front of the hospital called “Knappschaftskrankenhaus”. You can find a connection to the buses 345 and 378 at the S-Bahn stop Bochum-Langendreer coming from Düsseldorf (Duisburg - Mühlheim/Ruhr - Essen) or from Dortmund by the S-Bahn S1.

Your first destination in our hospital as a patient is normally our admissions office. This is where all of your necessary personal information is gathered that is of importance for your treatment and financial processing. Do not worry about your privacy, all of your personal information is protected by medical confidentiality that include all hospital staff members. After being admitted you are handed the necessary paperwork needed for your treatment and can go to the ward that will be responsible for you. Our reception staff at the entrance hall can help you find your ward. Should you for some reason not be able to walk to the ward yourself, the reception staff will help you with that. If during admission to the hospital you are not able to give the needed information yourself, a relative of yours can handle the formalities later for you. It is important for your admission to bring your doctor’s hospitalization papers and a confirmation of your insurance coverage (generally your membership card is sufficient).

Please keep the following papers handy during admission:

For patient administration:
  • Hospitalization papers (if existing)
  • Health insurance card
For the ward:
  • Medical record (e.g. x-rays, test results)
  • Vaccination records, allergy records, coagulation inhibitor record, information about pace makers and/ or prosthesis, X-ray records
  • A list of your daily medications
  • Certificate of authority, guardian ID (if a designated legal guardian exists), patient’s advance health care directive
Necessary things for your stay:
  • Hygiene products (wash cloth, towel, soap / shower soap, shampoo, tooth brush and tooth paste, comb / brush, razor)
  • Personal clothing (night gowns and underwear, bathrobe, house shoes, closed-toe shoes, sweat-suit)
  • Personal aids, e.g. glasses, hearing aids, prosthesis etc.
  • Mobility aids, e.g. walking frame, wheelchair etc.
What you should NOT bring:
  • Large amounts of money, valuables, jewelry, cell phones
Please take care of your personal belongings and money. Always lock away personal valuables. Please give any larger amounts of money, valuables or jewelry to your relatives. In case of damage or loss the hospital assumes no liability. In exceptional cases your money, jewelry and valuables can be stored in a safe at the patient administration.
Further infomation

In pressing cases we have the possibility to accommodate your caretaker too. You can get further information about this at the administration desk or on your ward.

Your visitors are very welcome here, because visits from relatives and friends benefit your healing process and increase your well-being.

Primary visiting hours daily:
Medical-neurological intensive care unit: 12am - 1pm and 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Operative intensive care unit: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Special, individual visiting hours can be arranged on the wards.

We gladly care for your visitor’s physical well-being. Our cafeteria is open for you and your visitors Mondays to Fridays from 7am - 7pm, on weekends and holidays from 7am - 6pm. We also offer a range of magazines, newspapers, hygiene products and sweets. Our staff is looking forward to your visit.
Further information

According to health care law, publicly insured people over the age of 18 have to pay a patient’s contribution of the hospital expenses. This contribution has to be billed to you by the hospital and then transferred to your health insurance. Of course we offer you an automatic debit transfer. The total amount of your contribution is limited to 28 calendar days of a year, not counting the actual amount of days your stationary treatment at the hospital takes. In case you already paid your maximum deductible due to earlier hospital stays inside the same calendar year, please show the expense receipts to the admissions desk. Our staff at the admissions desk will also inform you about our offered services and their corresponding costs that are to be paid by the patient.
Further information

The right time for your discharge is your doctor’s decision. You will receive a short report for your primary physician containing type and progress of your hospital treatment, further treatment recommendations and a list of medication used during your stay. Leaving the hospital early against medical advice is only possible at your own risk and after signing a waiver. During discharge please remember to pay your deductible and also don’t forget to take home all of your valuables and money that you may have stored safely at the hospital’s pay office.

In every one of our patient’s rooms there is a television installed, that you can use for an additional fee. The card you need for using it is available at a vending machine in the entrance hall. This card also allows you to use the patient’s phone. For the usage of the television you also need a headset that is available for 2.50€ at a vending machine in the hospitals entrance hall. Of course you can use your own headset too. There is an information brochure explaining the usage of the television and phone available.

Attention: There is a deposit of 5€ required for the phone card. After that you can charge your phone card with money starting at 10€ to a maximum of 75€.

There are beverages available to you on your ward (coffee, different types of tea, water) for free.

The "Green Ladies" are honorary helpers of the ecumenical hospital service agency and will visit you on a regular basis in your patient’s room. They have time for conversation, can run small errands and accompany you to church services if you wish. Every Wednesday afternoon they invite everybody to a creative meeting.

Our house rules can be found on every ward or downloaded here.

In your room you can find an information folder about the daily life on your ward and inside the hospital.

Usage of cell phones and other technical devices can interfere negatively with our high-tech medical devices. You can certainly understand that we therefore prohibit any usage of cell phones inside the hospital. Please also inform your visitors about this matter.

Our library is located next to the staff dormitory behind the hospital’s main building. It holds an extensive offering of books (over 3,000 books) from all literary genres (novels, travel reports, nonfiction, self-help literature, reference books). The library’s staff would be pleased to advise you and is looking forward to your visit daily from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm (3pm on Fridays). If you cannot visit the library yourself, we are more than willing to bring you an assortment of books to your ward. You can contact the library staff by dialing 4070.

Every staff member is eager to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In case you should have suggestions or complaints for us, the “patients’ advocate”, while being an impartial and independent person, would be glad to hear them and discuss them with you. Consultation hours are Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm. The office is located on the ground floor by the management’s secretary. Of course you can also inform us about your concerns in writing. Please use the mail box at reception in the entrance hall.

If you are interested you can get a living will on your ward or download it here . You can receive a detailed consultation about this topic from our counselors.

You can contact them via the following numbers: (0234) 299-4090/4091.

Incoming mail will be available at your ward’s secretariat. Delivery is made easier if next to the hospital’s address you include the ward and the room number. For outgoing mail we have a post box at the entrance hall. You can get stamps in the cafeteria.

Smoking inside your room - including the showers and bath rooms - is completely prohibited. Smoking is only allowed inside the designated areas. Consumption of alcohol inside the hospital is not desired.

During your stay at the hospital Protestant and Catholic counselors are available to you and offer advising or a counseling talk. The hospital’s chapel is open for people of any belief and is located next to the entrance hall. Regardless of religious orientation everybody is very welcome at the church services. The Catholic service takes place on Thursdays at 6:30pm, the Protestant service on Sundays at 9:30am. Blessings, anointing of the sick, communion for the sick or the Lord’s Supper can take place in patients’ rooms.

If personal or social problems should arise from your hospitalization or sickness, social services will help. We give advice in social security and jurisdictional matters, regarding care dependency and rehabilitation and take care of the formalities, such as planning a stay at a nursing home. In case you want to use this offer please contact your ward’s staff or call them directly via (0234) 299 - 4200 or 4201.

In patient rooms on general wards every bed has its own telephone connection. For the usage of the telephone you need a phone card. You can get the phone card at the entrance hall. A daily rental fee and fee for calls are taken off of this card. We want to let you know that we are charging according to the time units from Deutsche Telekom. The phone card also enables you to use the television. There is a special information folder explaining the usage of both phone and television. Public pay phones can be found at the entrance hall on the ground floor next to the reception desk and additionally at the entrance area to ward 16 inside the external building and on the intermediate floor next to the waiting room for the clinic for surgery, trauma surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our modern equipped kitchen offers every patient a tasty and diverse cuisine. You have the option to choose different options for both breakfast and dinner. We also offer various menu options for lunch. If you have special questions or wishes regarding your nutrition, the department for nutritional medicine is more than willing to give advice - by prior appointment.

  • Accommodation in a single room, two-bed-room or on the comfort ward
  • Treatment by the head physician (special charging for medical services including treatments by doctors or medically supervised institutions outside the hospital)
  • Accommodation and catering for a caretaker
  • Opening hours of patient administration:
  • Monday through Friday 7am to 3:30pm
  • Opening hours of the cash office:
  • Monday through Friday 7.30am to 11.30am and 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Every patient room is provided with its own shower and toilet. You are offered one closet for clothes and one lockable cabinet. Please take care of your money and personal belongings. Always lock away valuable personal items. Next to your bed you will find a movable nightstand with a drawer and more room for storing small items. Unfortunately the space you are given is very limited, so please only bring absolute necessities with you for your hospital stay.
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