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From roots rich in tradition, surgery developed to a highly modern, technical field. The remaining scars are smaller, the duration of hospitalization is shorter thanks to new operation techniques and postoperative impairment of the patients has been vastly reduced due to modern anesthesiological methods.

The surgery clinic at the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum represents the full spectrum of surgery. Emphasis is placed on visceral / abdominal surgery, vascular surgery and transplantation surgery.

Visceral surgery has its emphasis on benign and malignant tumors of the entire abdominal region. Additionally, metastases and recurrent tumors are removed. The entire repertoire of abdominal surgery is offered and includes the following fields:

  • Esophagus operations on benign or malignant diseases
  • Operations on stomach cancer, ulcers and reflux diseases
  • Operations on the liver tumors or metastases
  • Operations on bile tracts, pancreatic tumors and inflammations
  • Operations on small intestines, colon tumors, inflammations and malformations
  • Operations on thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pancreas based on hormonal diseases

The process of finding the medical indication for surgery and the follow-up care of patients with cancerous diseases includes a close cooperation with other medical departments of the hospital, especially with hematology / oncology.

In addition to a large-scale multi organ abdominal surgery, all minimal invasive operation techniques are performed in the following fields:

  • Gall bladder resection due to stone diseases
  • Partial colon resection due to diverticular diseases
  • Resection of small tumors of the stomach
  • Treatment of reflux disease
  • Thyroid gland operations (due to small struma, cysts)
  • Removal of the adrenal glands due to hormone active tumors
  • Removal of the spleen
  • Pleural diseases, lung metastases, lymph node biopsies
  • Closure of inguinal hernia or peritoneal hernia

Another distinctive feature of this clinic is the introduction of the so-called “fast-track-surgery” which will help with a quicker recovery after surgery and therefore reduce the length of the stay to only five days after an operation on the intestines.

The central element of this new clinical concept is the coordination and joint execution by surgeons, anesthesiologists, nursing personal and physical therapists. The patients are intensively involved in this therapy concept and are taken care of in the best way possible with the application of modern treatment techniques and optimal pain therapy.

During vascular surgery all diseases of the extra thoracic arteries and venues are treated. Vascular reconstruction intervention takes place in the abdominal region, the pelvic vessels and the femoral vessels. Additionally, reconstructive interventions due to stenosis or occlusions of brain-supplying arteries are performed.

A special ward and a follow-up outpatient clinic are available for the care of transplant patients. Kidney and pancreas transplantations are performed on a regular basis, although in the last years the significance of living kidney donations has increased. The transplant center performs all operative interventions regarding transplantations as well as follow-up and pharmaceutical therapy of patients with a transplanted organ. Performing about 140 organ transplantations per year of which 25% of the patients receive combined surgery, the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer holds a top ranked position in Europe in regard to combined kidney and pancreas transplantation. Germany-wide the hospital has been in first position for ten years regarding combined pancreas / kidney transplants, but with the isolated kidney transplantation in position three.

In order to guarantee the outpatient preventive care and follow-up of the patients treated at the hospital, the surgery outpatient clinic with its special consultation hours and the emergency admission are at your disposal. An emphasis is placed on the follow-up of cancerous diseases, supervision before and after a transplantation as well as special consultation hours for vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and oncological surgery. Furthermore, the surgery outpatient clinic also offers the usage of outpatient surgery. 

The universal character of the surgery clinic is underlined by a research focus on transplantation immunology, organ conservation as well as molecular oncogenesis.

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Prof. Dr. Richard Viebahn
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