The university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum is located in the heart of the Ruhr region, one of the leading health care regions in Germany. In this melting pot of competence the university medical center Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum, with its experts belongs to the most capable parties. This is represented by the fact that this hospital was the first clinic in Germany to be certified by the KTQ (= cooperation for transparency and quality in health care) in 2004.

The Knappschaftskrankenhaus was built in 1908 and was opened as a communal hospital in 1909 together with the mother house of the sisterhood of the Red Cross in Langendreer. On February 1st 1918 the transfer of property to the “Allgemeine Knappsschaftsverein Bochum” took place – the house was named Knappschaftskrankenhaus IV. The original number of 160 beds was increased to a capacity of 366 beds between 1924-30 due to modifications and new expansion buildings. After a fire on March 31st 1931 which destroyed the roof floor of the main building, the reconstruction included multiple new features and improvements. The Knappschaftskrankenhaus held 405 beds after that. Until the outbreak of World War II the number of beds increased by another 30. The house was severely damaged by an explosive bomb in 1944 and the isolation house was partially destroyed by a hit. Due to this damage, 33 of the former pre-war 432 beds were dysfunctional. In 1950 a house for inner medicine, a service building and a boiler room were installed. After these constructional measures the hospital contained 540 beds.

The poor state of the construction of the treatment wards and shortages in the functional processes made an inspection of the entire facility inevitable. In 1965 the management board of the Ruhrknappschaft decided to rebuild the hospital. In 1967 the contract was awarded for a new construction of the hospital on the former grounds based on modern criteria and new scientific findings. Planning and execution was in the hands of the construction department of the Ruhrknappschaft, supervised by leading construction director Willi Krampe. The transfer of the new hospital in succession of the old one took place in November 1972. Since signing the university contract between the hospital owner Bundesknappschaft and the state of North Rhine Westphalia on November 23rd 1977 the hospital belongs to the medical faculty of the Ruhr University as a university medical center.

Today the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum has 485 beds and nine medical departments. Every year 20,000 stationed patients and 47,000 out-patient patients are treated. The high standard of patient care is guaranteed by 1,400 highly qualified and motivated staff members, about 450 of them being nursing staff. Due to the efficient instrumental and technical equipment of these nine departments, modern and innovative diagnostic and treatment methods for patient care are established.

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