The Medical Network of the Knappschaft

  • 250,000 insured people
  • 97 percent patient satisfaction

The numbers speak for themselves.

The Knappschaft is the world’s oldest social insurance company and was able to celebrate its 750 year anniversary in 2010. Like almost no other institution it shaped the German and European social system. Social security and welfare for the sick originate from it.

In order to offer a broad medical care, the Knappschaft owns numerous medical institutions. Doctors and experts in medical care together are working on ideal care for insured people.

The Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bottrop is a part of this strong medical network and contributes to the implementation of innovative approaches for a new social and health care system on a daily basis.

History of the Knappschaft

The Knappschaft is the world’s oldest social insurance company and celebrated its 750 year anniversary in 2010. Like almost no other institution it shaped the German and European social system. It originated from the special dangers that had always been combined with mining and the therefore arising necessity for social security. In multiple areas of social and health security the Knappschaft performed an exemplary function in the following centuries.

Social security and welfare for the sick have their origin at the Knappschaft. The history of the Knappschaft includes the birth of retirement and health insurance, provision for dependents, the first pension formula, compulsory social insurance, shared payments of insurance rates between employees and employers as well as the forming of social self-administration. All of these are mile stones on the path of development to today’s modern welfare state. During its centuries of history, leading up to the present day, the Knappschaft had an important impact on the development of the social system in Germany and beyond.
The Consortium

The Knappschaft-Bahn-See’s core is its combined system. The core concept until today is its unique cooperation between different service areas reaching from pension insurance, a special fund for seafarers (Seemannskasse), health and nursing care insurance, to its own medical network as well as a mini job center.

The medical network includes established doctors, modern hospitals and rehabilitations clinics as well as a socio-medical service.

The network of performance and competence inside the combined system create significant advantages for the insured people regarding economic efficiency and quality. Due to its close network the Knappschaft-Bahn-See is a customer and performance oriented partner for its insured clients. At the same time it is able to implement innovative approaches for a new social and health care system like no other social insurance company today.

The power of the KBS is its versatility. The advantage is:
More quality, more performance, more service.
The Medical Network

The Knappschaft is the only health insurance in Germany that is a provider of modernly equipped hospitals in which a broad spectrum of medicine is offered and 31,000 patients are cared for annually on the highest medical level. The two fully-owned hospitals are contributing significantly to medical development and partially have an international reputation. Additionally, the Knappschaft is part of eight investment companies with 16 hospitals which includes the Klinikum Westfalen GmbH.

Overview of the different associated companies:

In addition to the hospitals the Knappschaft owns ten rehabilitation clinics and has other shareholdings with ties to restoring and maintain the health of the policy holders.

The rehabilitation clinics in Badenweiler, Bad Driburg, Bad Homburg, Bad Neuenahr, Bad Soden-Salmünster, Bietschied, on Borkum, in BottropMarquartstein and Warmbad are equipped with every important treatment and diagnostic options and have an excellent reputation. With all of their specializations they are open to insured people of every insurance company, just like the hospitals.

Uebersicht Reha-Kliniken

For out-patient doctor and dental care the Knappschaft developed its own doctor system. The so-called Knappschaft-doctors are established general physicians and specialists that have special additional contracts with the Knappschaft.

Naturally every insured person can still freely choose to which doctor they want to go to: this includes all contract doctors, panel doctors and Knappschaft-doctors.

A tight network of 1,300 established Knappschaft-doctors and about 200 Knappschaft-dentists are located in the Aachen region, the Ruhr region including the Lower Rhine, in the brown coal district of Cologne and in the former hard coal area along the river Saar. A part of the Knappschaft-doctors are working hand in hand with hospitals and rehabilitation clinics inside the health care network of the Knappschaft - in order to create a smooth and efficient care for their insured clients.

The expectations for ideal patient care are high: the best quality of medicine, individual care and extensive service.

In order to meet these expectations established doctors have joined together inside the Knappschaft health networks “prosper” and “proGesund”. Everybody is working hand in hand so that people insured at “prosper” or “proGesund” are taken care of in the best and most coordinated way with regards to their diseases.

With this type of integrated care a bridge is built between stationary and out-patient fields - the medical network pools forces for the patients’ health.


Information about the prosper-network in Bottrop go here...

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